SFCouture is designed to be DIFFERENT from the mass.

Innovative apparel crafted in California advancing trends to come.

Limited Editions with unlimited creativity for those who dare to stand out.

Stretch strapless print A-dress knee-length. Blue accents. Cutesy! Stretch strapless print A-dress knee-length. Blue accents. Cutesy!

Cutting edge streetwear

SFC by Isabel Fajardo

Our entry line features innovative outfits, stepping into high fashion but keeping feet on streetwear. And, as usual, all designed and made in San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

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'Adrastea' knee-height white sheath dress with see-through web on sides

Wearable art pieces

SFCouture by Isabel Fajardo

A unique expression of modern elegance. Dramatic outfits designed and manufactured in San Francisco CALIFORNIA using a curated trendy selection of fabrics and trims.

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Designer wedding dresses

SFCouture Brides

Not the average wedding gowns. Creative and trendy concepts accenting surreal designs. Made to order.

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Curated Materials

We scan the market world-wide to find the most current and best materials.

We examine all fabrics and trim and submit them to endurance tests.

Advanced Prototyping

Designs are modeled with state of the art professional methods.

Prototypes are built and tested in-house, evaluating variants and enhancements.

Made in San Francisco

We manufacture locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, CALIFORNIA.

Sharp designs

Elegant Minimalism

Clean designs that incorporate innovative traits and advance future trends

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"Chaledene" white sheath dress with pearly black accents

Regular price $745.00

"Chaldene" is a little white sheath dress accented by two black pearly lines acting also as dual spaghetti straps. This delicate street outfit allows dropping the straps off the shoulders.

Designed and Manufactured in San Francisco, CA.

Ships in 2-3 weeks.

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